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Electroplating switching power supply

Switching power supply-circuit architecture

general-purpose switching power supply features

1. Very energy efficient
Switching power supply has a completely different converter principle from thyristor rectifier, which determines that it is very energy-saving, which can save energy by 30% compared with traditional rectifier, especially when the output voltage is low, it can greatly reduce the input current, and it is a new generation of green environmental protection products.
2. Small, lightweight and space-saving
Switching power transformer is very small, so the volume of power supply can be greatly reduced to 50% of thyristor power supply, which creates favorable conditions for customers to make effective use of space.
3. Respond quickly
Since the switching power supply has a working frequency of more than 10KHZ, the response of the power supply to the change of input and load is much faster than that of the thyristor power supply.
4. Small number of spare parts
Switching power supply is more concise than SCR power supply, so there are fewer kinds of spare parts for users.
5. High reliability
The new generation switching power supply products developed by the latest intelligent IGBT have high reliability.
6. Standard control interface
Users can lap the most suitable control box.
7. Perfect protection function
It has perfect protection circuit in steady current working time limit voltage, steady voltage working time limit current, lack of phase, short circuit and overheating.
8. Effective control function
* Remote control by wire operation
* Stabilized voltage/steady current operation mode can be set as required
* The steady voltage value and steady current value can be set separately
* Current density compensation value can be set for steady current voltage
* Low current alarm can be set
* Settable low voltage alarm
9. Cooling options
Air-cooled power supply is flexible and convenient, and water-cooled power supply has super anticorrosion ability.

Switching power supply specifications
projects features
ambient temperature less than 40 ℃
relative humidityless than 90%
Input power 220v 50hz1 phase or 380v ± 10% 3 phase 50hz
Output rangeVoltage/current between 10 and 100% Free adjustment within rating
Output stabilization modevoltage/current stabilization
Stability accuracy± 3%
Output protection modeCurrent-limiting protection, overheat protection, and phase-missing protection
Mode of workFull load and uninterrupted operation
Cooling modeForced air or water cooling
Insulation mode
level of protection≥ IP20
structure circuit structure Double forward, full bridge, half bridge
Control interfaceRemote operation box, PLC control interface, 485 communication interface

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