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Corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic heat exchange

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—— Polytetrafluoroethylene heat exchanger ——

Polytetrafluoroethylene heat exchanger

    Polytetrafluoroethylene heat exchanger is a fluoroplastic heat exchanger with polytetrafluoroethylene capillary hose as heat transfer tube. PTFE heat exchanger made of PTFE capillary tube is often used in pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, gravel, electroplating and other corrosive industries. Polytetrafluoroethylene heat exchanger can be used for heat exchange of various strong acids and oxidants, which can be used for heating steam or hot water, cooling or condensing.

    Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) has strong resistance to strong corrosive media such as strong acid, strong alkali and strong oxidant, and has good anti-aging, high and low temperature resistance, viscosity resistance and flexure resistance. Tetrafluoro heat exchanger made of PTFE can solve all kinds of corrosion problems well. Forty years ago, There is little understanding of PTFE in China, Since the first PTFE heat exchange equipment was introduced from abroad in the early 1980s, We just copy according to foreign products, Moreover, the tetrafluoro tube and the tubesheet can only be glued, Through continuous digestion, innovation, development and accumulation of experience, combined with the actual needs in China, PTFE heat exchanger has made great progress in structural type, material selection, quality control, manufacturing process and various aspects of performance, especially welding technology. Through years of use, PTFE heat exchange equipment has been recognized by many users and widely used in many corrosion industries, forming a new industry

    Although PTFE has low thermal conductivity, But by using thin-walled tetrafluoro capillary tube as heat exchange tube, Under that same withstand voltage state, The thermal resistance of the tube wall is greatly reduced, and the capillary tube diameter is small (3-10mm), so the fluid in the tube is mostly in turbulent state, and the heat exchange area between PTFE heat exchanger and metal heat exchanger is much larger under the same volume, so the disadvantages of thermal conductivity of PTFE material are solved, so PTFE heat exchange equipment can be well applied.

    PTFE heat exchanger includes PTFE immersion heat exchanger and PTFE shell-and-tube heat exchanger. The immersion heat exchanger is immersed in a container for heat exchange, while the shell-and-tube heat exchanger is external circulation heat exchange. Users can choose the heat exchange mode according to the actual situation.

    PTFE heat exchange equipment is a customized product. Technical personnel of our company should determine the inlet and outlet caliber, capillary number, capillary tube diameter, heat exchanger size and heat exchanger shape according to customer's material characteristics, heat exchange mode, application occasions, technical parameters, cold and heat medium properties, etc.

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