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Welding technology of Teflon heat exchanger

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—— Welding technology of Teflon heat exchanger ——

Welding technology of Teflon heat exchanger
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I. Brief introduction of Teflon welding technology

    Teflon is polytetrafluoroethylene, also known as Teflon, Teflon, Tauflon or Deflon, the English name is teflon.   Teflon has corrosion resistance and temperature resistance to various strong bases, strong acids or strong oxidants. Teflon heat exchanger is used for heating, cooling and condensing in various corrosive environments such as pharmaceutical, electric power, steel pickling, electroplating, chemical industry, boiler flue gas waste heat recovery, flue gas whitening and desulfurization, etc. Teflon heat exchanger Welding technology is the key in the manufacturing process of Teflon heat exchanger, and the welding of Teflon heat exchanger is of vital importance to the quality of heat exchanger.

II. Features of Teflon welding technology

    Benteflon welding technology applied to Manufacture of Teflon heat exchanger , tubesheet can be welded with hundreds or even thousands of Teflon tube bundles at one time by using one-time welding process and welding method. This advanced Teflon heat exchanger welding technology is used to stabilize the pressure under 8kg water pressure or air pressure for 24 hours without any water or gas seepage, and the welding strength of a single piece exceeds 15kg/cm2.

III. Teflon welding technical data

    Teflon heat exchanger welding technology includes detailed welding process related tooling drawings, related equipment drawings, withstand pressure test methods and technical requirements for Teflon tube sheet and Teflon tube bundle, etc. It has excellent operability.

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