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Corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic heat exchange

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—— Anodizing cooler drawings ——

Anodizing cooler

Anodizing cooler is an anodizing cooling device used to cool acid solution in order to maintain process temperature in anodizing or hard oxidation. Sulfuric acid anodizing process temperature is generally low, especially hard anodizing. In the process of anodic oxidation, because of the large amount of Joule heat, especially in summer, the ambient temperature is high, so the oxidation solution should be cooled.

Because of the strong oxidation of sulfuric acid, especially the corrosiveness of dilute sulfuric acid, it can react strongly with many metals. When sulfuric acid is needed to cool down, the corrosion resistance of heat exchanger is required. The anodic oxidation cooler made of fluoroplastics in our company has good corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance, and is an ideal cooling equipment

According to different cooling methods, Immersion type or shell-and-tube type can be used. Immersion type anodizing cooler is directly placed in anodizing tank, and cooling water or chilled water is pumped into cooler for heat exchange. Shell-and-tube type hard anodizing cooler pumps sulfuric acid from oxidation tank into cooler for heat exchange.

Anodic oxidation cooler is a kind of fluoroplastic heat exchanger, which is a non-standard customized product. The user provides working conditions and technical parameters such as rectifier current, voltage and process temperature, and then calculates to determine the heat exchange capacity. Heat transfer area and model specification for anodized heat exchanger .

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