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Scheme drawing design of plastic heat exchanger

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—— Scheme drawing design of plastic heat exchanger ——

Scheme drawing design of plastic heat exchanger
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Plastic heat exchanger is a non-standard product, including fluoroplastic heat exchanger, polypropylene heat exchanger and polyethylene heat exchanger, etc. It has strong corrosion resistance, especially fluoroplastic heat exchanger has super chemical stability, and is widely used in corrosive industries. Because the material characteristics of plastics are quite different from those of metals, Including mechanical properties, chemical properties and other differences, plus each user's use environment, heat transfer mode, cold and heat medium properties, heat exchange capacity, use temperature, corrosive medium, technical requirements, etc., so the heat exchange area, heat exchanger size and other special requirements are different. As a heat exchanger manufacturer, we must design the heat exchanger data, scheme and heat exchanger drawings in real time according to the requirements of users;

We have more than 20 years of experience in the design of plastic heat exchanger, and can combine the professional knowledge of heat transfer, machinery, chemical industry, material anticorrosion, polymer materials and other disciplines to make reasonable calculation and design according to the requirements of users, so as to try our best to meet the requirements of users and control the manufacturing cost. Welcome to consult.

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