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Design of Tooling and Equipment for Electroplating Hard Chromium

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—— Design of Tooling and Equipment for Electroplating Hard Chromium ——

Design of Tooling and Equipment for Electroplating Hard Chromium
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Chromium plating has different technological characteristics and other particularities from other electroplating, Such as high current density, low current efficiency, high calorific value, high conductivity, poor dispersion and coverage, insoluble anode, serious edge effect, easy passivation of coating, high corrosiveness of plating bath, serious hydrogen evolution, high stress of plating bath and balance of trivalent chromium in plating bath, etc. These characteristics determine that the design of chromium plating tooling and equipment must be combined with its own situation. Only the most reasonable design and optimized process can obtain better coating quality and optimal cost consumption, including coating uniformity, coating adhesion, coating hardness, coating brightness and chromium plating efficiency. We have more than 30 years of field experience and design experience in hard chromium plating, have a deep understanding of various special phenomena in chromium plating, have accumulated knowledge in electroplating, machinery, chemistry, electricity and other aspects, and can effectively optimize the combination in tooling, equipment design and equipment configuration.

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