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This picture shows fluoroplastic heat exchanger technology, electroplated ceramics, hard oxidation, chromic acid regeneration, chromium plating technology, etc

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—— Fluoroplastic tube heat exchanger drawings ——

Fluoroplastic tube heat exchanger

Fluoroplastic tube heat exchanger is a partition heat exchanger with the tube wall of a fluoroplastic tube bundle in a closed tube shell as the heat transfer surface, which is shell-and-tube heat exchanger , which is resistant to corrosion by various strong acids, bases or oxidants. The tube core of fluoroplastic tube heat exchanger is usually arranged in parallel lines with dozens to hundreds or even thousands of fluoroplastic tube bundles, and both ends are welded on fluoroplastic tube sheets.

Tubular fluoroplastic heat exchanger The tube shell is generally a shaped tube, and the material of the tube shell is selected according to the composition of liquid medicine or media properties and temperature, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, PP, FRPP, etc. Because most of the tube bundles are arranged in straight lines, there are many tube bundles in tubular fluoroplastic heat exchangers in a certain length of shell, which are mostly used in occasions with large flow rate or circulating heat exchange.

Tubular fluoroplastic heat exchanger is a non-standard customized product, and the model specification should be determined after calculation according to the flow rate, heat exchange capacity, corrosivity of materials and other special requirements of users .

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