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Drawings of chromium mist recovery purifier

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—— Drawings of chromium mist recovery purifier ——

Drawings of chromium mist recovery purifier

A large amount of chromic acid mist and water mist are produced along with hydrogen precipitation during chromium plating. In addition to adopting a closed way to reduce the escape of chromic acid mist, a set of chromic mist exhaust recovery system with good treatment effect is needed, in which chromic mist recovery purifier is one of the important equipment;
Chromium mist recovery purifier is a new type of chromium mist treatment equipment with high efficiency and corrosion resistance. After a series of molecular Brownian motion such as cooling, collision, polymerization and adsorption, most of chromic acid mist condenses into liquid droplets to achieve gas-liquid separation, so that chromium mist can be recovered, and the remaining small amount of chromium mist is sprayed and purified before defoaming treatment.
Chromium mist recovery purifier is made of brand-new PVC material, and the packing is standard packing, which has good sealing performance and corrosion resistance, small wind resistance (200 ~ 500Pa), and is convenient for use, installation, maintenance and cleaning.

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