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—— Quartz sand pickling heater drawings ——

Quartz sand pickling heater

quartz sand pickling heater is an ore pickling heating device used to remove impurities such as metals from quartz sand, silica or kaolin. Quartz sand is Shi Ying particles formed by crushing quartz stone. Quartz stone is a non-metallic mineral, is a hard, wear-resistant, chemical stability of silicate minerals. Natural quartz ores usually contain iron oxide, clay, mica and organic impurities. The color of quartz stone is milky white, or colorless translucent. It is a hard, wear-resistant and chemically stable silicate mineral, and its main mineral component is SiO2. The density is about 2.65, and the bulk density is about 1.6 ~ 1.8 for 1-20 meshes and about 1.5 for 20-200 meshes. Because quartz sand contains iron oxide, clay, mica and organic impurities besides the main component silica, and there is generally a layer of molten iron on the surface of natural Shi Ying ore to form a film. Compared with some fine industries with strict requirements on iron content, quartz sand must be pickled in production to reduce the iron content in quartz sand. Pickling is mainly soaked in hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, oxalic acid and hydrofluoric acid. In order to improve the efficiency of acid, it is usually necessary to heat acid, but because these acids have different corrosiveness to metals, there are many problems in the use of traditional metal heat exchangers;

Quartz sand pickling heater is made of fluoroplastic pickling Corrosion-resistant heating equipment , which can be divided into immersion pickling heater or shell-and-tube pickling heater according to different heating methods, and users can choose according to the actual situation;

Quartz sand pickling heater is a non-standard customized product. Users provide working conditions and technical parameters, and technicians calculate product parameters such as product structure, product shape, fluoroplastic number, length and inlet and outlet pipe diameter before selecting pickling heating equipment.

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