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Chromium plating technology of mercury strip tungsten wire

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—— Chromium plating technology of mercury strip tungsten wire ——

Chromium plating technology of mercury strip tungsten wire
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I. Introduction of Chromium Plating Technology on Tungsten Wire

Chromium-plated tungsten wire is an evaporation consumable instead of chromium powder, which is convenient to evaporate. It is also called mercury bar or chromium bar. It is used in various evaporation coating, connection bonding, reflection catalysis and other industries using chromium powder, such as sunglasses, car mirrors, chromium masks and spectroscopic films. After chromium plating, the diameter is generally 1mm and the length is 130mm. Chromium plating technology of tungsten wire is a technology developed because of the characteristics of small diameter of tungsten wire and the problems of easy shedding, shell formation or chromium tumor on the surface of tungsten wire. Tungsten wire chromium plating technology adopts special pretreatment, special plating method and special process control design during chromium plating process, which ensures the uniformity and adhesion of chromium layer. After plating, the surface is smooth without burrs and pits, with uniform thickness and good gloss. This technology is also suitable for chromium plating of other tungsten materials.

2. Technical description of chromium plating on tungsten wire

1. Special pretreatment and special plating methods are adopted. Adopt fast chromium plating process, and the plating speed is fast;
2. After chromium plating, tungsten wire has good adhesion, no surface defects and uniform coating;
3, the thickness of chromium layer of chromium-plated tungsten wire can reach 300um [diameter can be increased by 500 ~ 600um];
4. The contents of process regulations include process flow, operation regulations, current change parameter table, technical requirements, equipment selection and so on;

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