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—— Phosphating coating pickling heater drawings ——

Phosphating coating pickling heater

Phosphating Pickling heater is a pickling heating device used in many painting production lines for pretreatment. Pickling before coating phosphating is to make metal have a clean and active surface, In order to ensure the surface quality of the produced steel, the treated metal workpiece is immersed in inorganic acids such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid and hydrofluoric acid and organic acids such as citric acid and tartaric acid, and the oxide scale (rust) is peeled off from the surface of the metal workpiece through chemical reaction and stripping, so as to remove the oxide scale and rust on the surface. Hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid or phosphoric acid are generally used for painting phosphating and pickling.

Hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid used in phosphating coating pickling are two commonly used acids among the three strong acids, while phosphoric acid belongs to medium and strong acids, which are extremely corrosive. In the pickling process, in order to improve the pickling efficiency, it is usually necessary to heat the acid solution.

Phosphating coating pickling heater is made of fluoroplastic series materials, which has good corrosion resistance and temperature resistance. Including Immersion heaters and shell-and-tube heaters , which are generally immersive

Phosphating coating pickling heater is a non-standard customized product. Users provide working conditions and technical parameters. Technicians finally determine the model specification of coating pickling heating equipment according to product parameters such as product shape, product structure, fluoroplastic number, length and inlet and outlet pipe diameter

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