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Corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic heat exchange

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—— Sulfuric acid resistant cooler drawings ——

Sulfuric acid resistant cooler

Use resistant sulfuric acid cooler . Dilute sulfuric acid is a kind of inorganic strong acid, which is extremely corrosive. Concentrated sulfuric acid has strong oxidizability and strong water absorption, and will generate a lot of heat when it meets water. Because most metal coolers can't resist the corrosion of sulfuric acid, it is necessary to choose the cooling equipment which can resist sulfuric acid reasonably when cooling sulfuric acid.

sulfuric acid resistant cooler made of fluoroplastic materials such as PTFE or FEP. Fluoroplastics have strong corrosion resistance of various concentrations of sulfuric acid, and have strong low temperature resistance and anti-aging performance. The sulfuric acid-resistant cooling equipment made of fluoroplastics materials can resist oxidation of concentrated sulfuric acid and corrosion of dilute sulfuric acid, which is a more suitable sulfuric acid cooling equipment for sulfuric acid cooling.

Sulfuric acid-resistant cooler can be used for both circulating cooling water cooling and low-temperature chilled water cooling. Sulfuric acid-resistant immersion cooler or sulfuric acid-resistant shell-and-tube cooler can be selected according to cooling mode.

Sulfuric acid-resistant cooling equipment is a customized non-standard product of our company, According to the technical parameters, installation position, circulating cooling or one-time cooling and other working conditions and requirements of users in production, the cooling area and resistance should be calculated according to the data of cooling capacity and flow rate, and then the product parameters such as the number, shape, length and inlet and outlet pipe diameters of fluorine plastic pipes for sulfuric acid-resistant coolers should be determined.

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