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Corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic heat exchange

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—— Hydrofluoric acid resistant heat exchanger drawings ——

Hydrofluoric acid resistant heat exchanger

Most of them need to configure hydrofluoric acid resistant heat exchangers for heat exchange in many industries, such as sand washing, glass sculpting, cast cleaning, electropolishing and cleaning corrosion semiconductor silicon chips, and metal purification.Hydrofluoric acid resistant heat exchangers are used to heat and cool hydrofluoric acid or fluorous acids such as fluorosilic acid or fluorosilic acid and fluoroboric acid.Because hydrogen atoms and fluorine atoms in hydrofluoric acid have a relatively strong ability to combine with each other, and hydrogen bonding exists between hydrogen fluoride molecules in aqueous solution, so that hydrofluoric acid cannot be completely ionized in water, it is theoretically a low concentration of hydrofluoric acid to be a weak acid.However, hydrofluoric acid is extremely corrosive and can strongly corrode metals, glass, and silicon containing objects, reacting with silicon and silicon compounds to generate silicon tetrafluoride gaseous states.The hydrofluoric acid exchange equipment line fluoroplastic materials production in our company.Since fluoroplastics have very strong properties of resistance to acid, strong alkali, strong corrosion, but also strong resistance to aging and high temperature, the hydrofluoric acid heat exchanger fabricated from fluoroplastics can well solve the corrosion problems during the heating of hydrofluoric acid or cooling of hydrofluoric acid on various occasions.

Hydrofluoric acid resistant exchangers are mainly used for the heating of hydrofluoric acids and cooling of hydrofluoric acids, including hydrofluoric acid resistant heaters, fluorous acid resistant vaporizers, hydrofluoric acid resistant chillers, and hydrofluoric acid resistant condensers.Depending on different heat exchange regimes, hydrofluoric acid resistant heat exchangers can be of immersion or tube shell type.Hydrofluoric acid resistant heaters, fluoride resistant acid vaporizers, hydrofluoric acid resistant chillers and hydrofluoric acid resistant condensers are widely used in industries such as steel, dyeing, leather, medicine, food, dyes, metallurgy and other users.Users may confirm this on an actual basis or select after contacting my company.

The hydrofluoric acid resistance heat exchange equipment is a non-standard custom product, the user provides working condition conditions and technical parameters, the heat exchange area is calculated by the technician from the data such as the installation location, product structure, temperature rise time, and heat exchange, and then the product parameters such as the shape of the hydrofluoric acid resistance heat exchanger, the number of fluoroplastic roots, the length, and the diameter of the imports and exports are determined

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