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Drawing of fluoroplastic air welding furnace

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—— Drawing of fluoroplastic air welding furnace ——

Drawing of fluoroplastic air welding furnace

Fluoroplastic air welding furnace is used for welding tubesheet of fluoroplastic heat exchanger and fluoroplastic pipe. The strength of welding position is good, and the tensile strength after welding is greater than 15kg/cm2.
Fluoroplastic air welding furnace adopts automatic temperature control and air stirring in furnace. Fluoroplastic air welding furnace has high thermal efficiency, good heat preservation effect, uniform heating, low power, uniform heating, large welding area, fast welding speed and good energy saving effect.
Fluoroplastics air welding furnace is mainly used in the welding of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), FEP, PFA, PVDF materials, also can be used in the welding of PP, PE and other materials.
Fluoroplastic air welding furnace drawings include assembly drawings, parts drawings of furnace and other parts, as well as temperature control and other parts list.

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