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—— Hard chromium plating equipment for piston ring drawings ——

Hard chromium plating equipment for piston ring

1. Equipment contents

piston ring chrome plating equipment It is suitable for hard chrome plating of piston rings of various types and materials, such as air rings, oil rings, steel belt rings and large special rings (ships, construction machinery, locomotives, air compressors, etc.), and can be used for chrome plating of piston rings with ordinary cylinder bore, including chrome plating of special piston rings Equipment or large piston ring chrome plating Equipment

Piston ring hard chromium plating equipment includes common systems such as plating bath system, external circulation bath, circulation filtration system, spray water washing bath, closed-circuit recovery system, ventilation and demisting system, high-performance DC power supply, water purifier, automatic sandblasting machine, DC output, driving (or automatic driving) and automatic control. The plating bath system includes cathode and anode conductive mechanism, trough top conductive device, chromium plating bath, chromic anhydride replenishment device cleaning device, heating and cooling, stirring device, liquid level and temperature control device and ring cylinder conductive hanger. Chrome plating bath is equipped with filter plate and leakage alarm device

external circulation system and conductive rotating mechanism can be configured according to user's requirements, In addition, it can also be equipped with pre-plating and post-plating polishing machines, clamping machines, ultrasonic cleaning machines, dehydrogenation ovens and other equipment

2. Equipment characteristics

The exhaust and demist system adopts high-performance chrome mist recovery and chrome mist purifier, and adopts the principle of fully enclosed minimum negative pressure exhaust, which has small waste gas treatment capacity, good treatment effect and good energy saving effect. The recovered liquid can be returned to the external circulation tank for use, saving the cost of raw materials

The recycling system adopts the principle of closed-circuit circulation (i.e. combined with automatic liquid level control, in tank spray device and external circulation system) to ensure the balance of water consumption and supply between recycling tank and chromium plating tank. Combined with ultrasonic technology, the cleaning efficiency is improved, the recycled water is fully utilized and the consumption of chromic anhydride is reduced

Exhaust system, recovery system and cleaning system (bath, anode, tooling, etc.) constitute a complete environmental protection system, realizing zero emission

The internal structure of chromium plating tank is compact, which is divided into independent reaction zone and cooling circulation zone. Combined with external circulation filtration system, the cleanliness of solution is ensured, and the uniformity of solution concentration and temperature is improved

By using the latest technology, the anode is not passivated after the tank is stopped, and it is not necessary to lift out the anode frequently, so the service life of the anode is improved

The chromium plating anode adopts high-quality calendered anode with no deformation and good conductivity

The chromium plating bath is made of steel plate lined with high-quality soft PVC, and leak proof alarm technology is adopted to prevent the accidental leakage of the bath. Combined with the special design concept, the external circulation system is safe and reliable without leakage

The chromium plating bath is equipped with temperature digital display and automatic control. The uniformity of bath temperature and concentration is ensured by circulation outside the bath and reasonable heat exchange structure; The liquid level of chromium plating bath is also controlled automatically; After chromium plating, spray washing is used to reduce the chromium liquid out

Through the use of low resistance, high strength of the whole anode and reasonable anode current density, anode area and anode cathode spacing (workpiece concentricity), the conductivity of anode up and down and circumference is uniform, and the stability of trivalent chromium and low cell voltage are maintained

The uniformity of bath temperature, concentration and conductivity ultimately ensures the uniformity of coating (the uniformity of ring height direction and circumference direction, the uniformity of ring cylinder up and down, the uniformity between ring cylinder and ring cylinder, and the uniformity between grooves). The control of ampere hour ensures the thickness required by the process, reduces the power consumption and chromic anhydride consumption, reduces the machining allowance after plating, and saves the cost

Reasonable design ideas, energy-saving design principles and reasonable layout, as well as simple, beautiful, practical, environmental protection design principles of the perfect combination!

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