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Corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic heat exchange

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—— Hydrofluoric acid resistant cooler drawings ——

Hydrofluoric acid resistant cooler

Hydrofluoric acid (HF) is an aqueous solution of hydrogen fluoride, which is a colorless, smoky and highly corrosive liquid. Although fluorofluoric acid is not strong in acidity and has no oxidization, it is highly corrosive to silicon materials or silicate materials such as metals and glasses. In industry When hydrofluoric acid or fluorinated acid solution needs to be cooled or hydrogen fluoride gas needs to be condensed , it is necessary to select the corresponding Fluorofluoric acid-resistant cooler or condenser

Our company specializes in producing heat exchangers that are resistant to various acid and alkali corrosion. Fluoroplastic-resistant coolers or condensers have good corrosion resistance and are ideal for fluorofluoric acid cooling;

Fluoroplastic is a material with excellent corrosion resistance and temperature resistance in plastics. Generally, small-diameter thin-walled fluoroplastic tubes are used as heat exchange tubes, which not only have super corrosion resistance, but also can be used to make heat exchange equipment of various shapes because of its good flexibility;

According to different heat exchange modes, hydrofluoric acid-resistant coolers are divided into immersion type or shell-and-tube type, while fluorofluoric acid-resistant condensers mainly adopt shell-and-tube type; Hydrofluoric acid-resistant cooler can also be used as fluorosilicic acid cooler, fluoroborate acid cooler and other fluoric acid-containing cooler or condenser;

Hydrofluoric acid resistant coolers and hydrofluoric acid resistant condensers are non-standard custom products, The working conditions and technical parameters provided by technical personnel and users calculate the heat exchange area from the data of installation position, product structure, heating time and heat exchange, and then determine the product parameters such as the shape of hydrofluoric acid-resistant cooler or condenser, the number and length of fluoroplastics and the diameter of inlet and outlet pipes for calculation

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