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Corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic heat exchange

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—— Sulfuric acid resistant heat exchanger drawings ——

Sulfuric acid resistant heat exchanger

sulfuric acid resistant heat exchanger is a heat exchange equipment used for heating or cooling sulfuric acid-containing solution in many industries such as metal pickling, battery electrolyte preparation, inorganic fertilizer manufacturing, surface treatment, pesticide medicine, nonferrous metal smelting, rubber industry, petrochemical industry, textile printing and dyeing, etc. Because dilute sulfuric acid can react with most metals, It is the most active binary inorganic strong acid, and high concentration sulfuric acid has strong water absorption and oxidation, and also has strong corrosiveness to nonmetallic materials such as most plastics. When sulfuric acid needs to be heated or cooled in production, it has high corrosion resistance requirements for heat exchange equipment.

sulfuric acid resistant heat exchanger made of fluoroplastics. Because fluoroplastics have strong resistance to strong acid, strong alkali and strong corrosion, and have strong anti-aging and high and low temperature resistance, the sulfuric acid-resistant heat exchanger made of fluoroplastics can resist both dilute sulfuric acid corrosion and concentrated sulfuric acid oxidation, which is an ideal sulfuric acid heat exchanger when heating or cooling.

Sulfuric acid resistant heat exchanger for heating of sulfuric acid , evaporation or Cooling of sulfuric acid . Sulfuric acid-resistant immersion heat exchanger or sulfuric acid-resistant shell-and-tube heat exchanger can be selected according to the characteristics of heat exchange.

Sulfuric acid resistant heat exchanger is a non-standard customized product of our company. The heat exchange area should be calculated according to the working conditions, technical parameters and installation position of users, such as heating time and heat exchange data, and then the product parameters such as the shape of sulfuric acid resistant heat exchanger, the number and length of fluorine plastic pipes and the diameter of inlet and outlet pipes should be determined.

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