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Fluoroplastic heat exchanger

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Our company [About us] is a professional manufacturer of acid resistant, corrosion-resistant PTFE and other fluoroplastic heat exchangers. We have accumulated decades of manufacturing technology and experience of PTFE heat exchangers and other fluoroplastic heat exchangers, and have advanced fluoroplastic welding methods. PTFE heat exchanger and other fluoroplastic heat exchange equipment can resist the corrosion of various strong acids, strong bases and strong oxidants, and has good high and low temperature resistance! For all kinds of heating or cooling. In the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, steel and other metal pickling, quartz sand pickling and other industries, the corrosive field cooperation is cooler, heater, evaporator and condenser. The heat exchanger made of polytetrafluoroethylene and other fluoroplastics can well solve the corrosion problem of strong corrosive medium such as strong acid.

In addition, fluoroplastics have strong anti-aging properties and high and low temperature resistance. Through the development, innovation and experience accumulation in recent decades, the performance of fluoroplastic heat exchange equipment, especially the material, welding and manufacturing level, has been greatly improved. Through the customer's use and feedback of valuable opinions, continuous improvement, now to PTFE heat exchanger as the representative of fluoroplastic heat exchange equipment has been recognized by users, in many corrosion industry has been used.

Fluoroplastic heat exchanger, also known as flexible tube plastic heat exchanger, is a heat exchange equipment with Fluoroplastic small diameter hose as heat transfer components. Commonly used fluoroplastics are perfluoroethylene (F46 / FEP), polytetrafluoroethylene (F4) and fusible polytetrafluoroethylene (PFA). Fluoroplastics heat exchange equipment mainly includes immersion fluoroplastics heat exchanger and shell and tube fluoroplastics heat exchanger. Immersion fluoroplastics heat exchanger is immersed in the container for heat exchange, while shell and tube fluoroplastics heat exchanger is heat exchange through external circulation of pump. Users need to determine which type of heat exchange mode to choose according to their actual situation.

Fluoroplastic heat exchange equipment is customized products. Our company technical personnel need to determine the size, inlet and outlet diameter, capillary number, capillary diameter and heat exchanger shape of the heat exchanger according to the customer's application situation, material characteristics, heat exchange mode, nature of cooling and heating medium, technical parameters and other requirements. In addition, the company also produces polypropylene heat exchanger, polyethylene heat exchanger and other plastic heat exchange equipment, which are resistant to non oxidizing acid-base corrosion, for hot water heating or cooling. Welcome to consult.

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