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Corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic heat exchange

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—— Hydrochloric acid resistant heat exchanger drawings ——

Hydrochloric acid resistant heat exchanger

In many industries such as metal pickling, silicone oil cooling, hydrochloric acid regeneration, ore extraction, pharmaceutical printing and dyeing, etc., hydrochloric acid resistant heat exchanger for heat exchange. hydrochloric acid resistant heat exchanger made of fluoroplastics . Because fluoroplastics have strong resistance to strong acid, strong alkali and strong corrosion, and have strong anti-aging and high and low temperature resistance, hydrochloric acid heat exchanger made of fluoroplastics can well solve the corrosion problem during hydrochloric acid heating or hydrochloric acid cooling in various occasions.

Hydrochloric acid-resistant heat exchanger is mainly used for heating and cooling hydrochloric acid. According to different heat exchange methods, immersion type or shell-and-tube type can be adopted, which is widely used in steel, printing and dyeing, leather, medicine, food, dye, metallurgy and other industries. Users can confirm according to the actual situation or contact our company before choosing.

Hydrochloric acid resistant heat exchanger is a non-standard customized product. Users provide working conditions and technical parameters. Technicians calculate the heat exchange area according to the data of installation position, product structure, heating time and heat exchange, and then determine the product parameters such as the shape of hydrochloric acid resistant heat exchanger, the number of fluoroplastics, the length and the inlet and outlet pipe diameters for calculation

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