Surface treatment technology-Fluoroplastic heat exchanger technology-chromium plating technology-electroplating ceramics-chromic acid regeneration-hard oxidation
 『Chromium platingHeat exchanger

This picture shows fluoroplastic heat exchanger technology, electroplated ceramics, hard oxidation, chromic acid regeneration, chromium plating technology, etc

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Heat exchanger-composite ceramic-chromium plating,etc

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Fluoroplastics surface treatment technology net provides manufacturing technology of fluoroplastics heat exchanger, polypropylene heat exchanger, polyethylene heat exchanger, fluoroplastics electric heater manufacturing technology, fluoroplastics welding technology, piston ring hard chromium plating, aluminum hard fast anodizing, chromium based composite ceramic electroplating and many other electroplating surface treatment technologies, as well as chromium containing waste liquid recycling, chromium containing waste water treatment At the same time, we also provide a variety of process and technical data, equipment, accessories and other drawings. The station has accumulated many years of rich experience, with information and technology from the process, design, manufacturing, quality control and other aspects

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