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Drawing of rapid hard anodizing device for aluminum

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—— Drawing of rapid hard anodizing device for aluminum ——

Drawing of rapid hard anodizing device for aluminum
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1. Brief introduction to

The traditional hard anodizing process adopts low current treatment method to prevent the damage of oxide film caused by a large amount of Joule heat in the hardening process, so the oxidation time is long and the production efficiency is low;

Rapid hard anodizing device is designed based on rapid anodizing technology, which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional hard oxidation long time, extremely low productivity and troublesome sealing and insulation. By using special cooling method and increasing oxidation current density, the oxidation current gradually decreases along the burning curve (coking curve) during electrolysis, which effectively avoids the discovery of burn phenomenon and prevents the dissolution of anodic oxide film, thus achieving rapid growth of oxide film, improving production efficiency and reducing energy consumption. After rapid hard anodizing , the thickness of oxide film can reach 90um, the time of hard anodizing is 5 ~ 10 minutes, and the Vickers hardness is about HV300;

2, technical features

Rapid hard anodizing device According to rapid anodizing process design, suitable for local hardening of aluminum materials, including main oxidation tank, auxiliary tank, working disk, circulation system, conductive system, etc.;

Rapid hard anodizing device adopts totally enclosed design and belongs to environment-friendly equipment. There is basically no acid mist discharge, no ventilation treatment and no corrosion to peripheral equipment.

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