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Corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic heat exchange

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—— Reactor heat exchanger drawings ——

Reactor heat exchanger

Reaction kettle heat exchanger is a reaction kettle heater or cooler when the materials in the reaction kettle exchange heat. It usually refers to the equipment that indirectly transfers heat energy to the materials in the reaction kettle by heating or cooling the cold and hot media in the jacket of the reaction kettle, thus controlling the temperature of the reaction materials to heat or cool. However, in some corrosive media, because the inner wall of the kettle needs to be lined, the thermal resistance of the kettle wall increases, and the heat transfer area of the kettle wall is small, which leads to slow heat transfer of the jacket and even difficult to reach the process temperature; 

The heat exchanger of the reaction kettle is made of fluoroplastics with strong corrosion resistance, which is a coiled immersion heat exchange equipment, that is, the heat exchanger is placed in the reaction kettle for heat exchange. Reaction kettle heater or reaction kettle cooler is resistant to strong corrosion, and is an ideal heat exchange equipment for heating or cooling various strong acids; 

Reactor heat exchanger is a non-standard customized product. According to the technical requirements and working conditions of users, our company needs to calculate the product parameters such as product shape, product structure, fluoroplastic number, length and inlet and outlet pipe diameter, and design heat exchange equipment to meet users.

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