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Manufacturing technology of fluoroplastic electric heater

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—— Manufacturing technology of fluoroplastic electric heater ——

Manufacturing technology of fluoroplastic electric heater
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1, brief introduction

Fluoroplastic electric heating tube manufacturing technology refers to a technology of using fluoroplastic to manufacture the outer layer of electric heating tube. Because fluoroplastics have super corrosion resistance and excellent high and low temperature resistance, they can maintain extremely stable chemical stability in various strong acid and alkali or strong oxidant solutions. Therefore, fluoroplastic electric heaters are widely used in many corrosive industries such as chemical industry, aviation and electroplating.

2, technical features

Because the temperature resistance of fluoroplastics is worse than that of metals, the surface heat load of electric heaters made of fluoroplastics must be strictly controlled. We have many years of manufacturing experience and technology, which can combine the characteristics of electric heating tubes with the characteristics of fluoroplastics for the best design and manufacture.

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