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Recovery technology of chromium-containing waste liquid

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—— Recovery technology of chromium-containing waste liquid ——

Recovery technology of chromium-containing waste liquid

1. Brief introduction of recovery and treatment technology of chromium-containing waste liquid

Due to the continuous dissolution of metal ions in chromic acid solution during use, and its participation in redox reaction produces a large number of trivalent chromium ions, with the extension of time, metal ions gradually accumulate and PH gradually increases, which leads to the continuous aging of the solution and can no longer be used as chromium-containing waste liquid. Chromium-containing waste liquid contains high concentration of chromic acid. If it is directly treated and discharged, it needs to consume a lot of chemical materials, manpower, electricity and so on, and it is a great waste. If waste chromic acid can be recycled , it can save environmental treatment costs and produce excellent recycling benefits.

II. Technical description of recovery and treatment of chromium-containing waste liquid

The recovery and treatment technology of chromium-containing waste liquid adopts electrolytic treatment combined with microporous ceramics, which can effectively remove trivalent chromium and other metal ions in waste chromium liquid, and make waste chromium liquid regenerate and recover. The biggest characteristic of this technology is that it overcomes the defects of the traditional electrolytic treatment method, such as lower and lower efficiency and frequent replacement. This technology can realize continuous treatment, high efficiency, simple operation and easy control. It is mainly used in aging chromic acid regeneration treatment in chromium plating, plastic coarsening, galvanizing passivation and other industries.

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