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Drawing of Cr Waste Liquid Recovery and Treatment Device

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—— Drawing of Cr Waste Liquid Recovery and Treatment Device ——

Drawing of Cr Waste Liquid Recovery and Treatment Device

Chromic anhydride is used as chemical raw material in chromium plating, plastic coarsening, galvanizing passivation and other industries. Because chromic anhydride will be chemically oxidized by other metals or plastics and other materials in the production process or electrochemical oxidation will occur in the electrolysis process to form trivalent chromium or other metal ions, Lead to the increase of PH of chromic acid solution and the accumulation of impurity ions, Chromic acid solution slowly loses its oxidation ability and finally ages from the surface

Metal ions such as hexavalent chromium or trivalent chromium in chromic acid aging waste solution have strong pollution to the environment. If it is discarded directly, it needs great treatment cost to discharge and will cause great waste, so it is necessary to regenerate and recycle waste chromic acid.

The Chromium Waste Liquid Recovery and Treatment Unit is a complete set of equipment which combines electrolysis treatment with microporous ceramics and realizes continuous circulation treatment. It can not only treat trivalent chromium, but also treat other ions accumulated in waste chromic acid. The waste chromium liquid recovery and regeneration treatment device can realize continuous operation.

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