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Chromium-based Composite Electroplating Ceramics

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—— Chromium-based Composite Electroplating Ceramics ——

Chromium-based Composite Electroplating Ceramics
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1. Brief introduction

Cr-based composite ceramic plating technology is a composite ceramic plating technology developed in the last 20 years. With the high development of industry, modern industrial products are gradually developing in the direction of high reinforcement, high power and long life, and the internal performance requirements of products are getting higher and higher; At present, the traditional electrodeposition of chromium is widely used to process products with high wear resistance, such as rolls and shafts. Even through loose hole chromium deposition and rapid chromium deposition, it is difficult to meet the requirements of high wear resistance, low wear and overload. Cermet is a good development direction.

Traditional hard chromium plating generally adopts double-electrode electrodeposition to improve its wear resistance. However, at high temperature, direct contact points appear between friction pairs, which leads to adhesive wear and chromium layer wear. And Cr-based composite ceramic plating through periodic reversing electrodeposition, using three electrodes to supply electricity circularly, combining with special technology and the characteristics of micro-cracks in chromium deposition process, nano-ceramic powder is embedded and solidified in the micro-cracks of chromium layer to form a Cr-based composite ceramic plating layer with high lubrication and high wear resistance, so as to achieve ceramization of metal surface

The coating of chromium based composite electroplated ceramics is composed of several layers of unit composite coating with typical layered structure. From the surface, the matrix of the chromium layer has a certain density, depth and width, and the ceramic particles are embedded in the interlace; From the cross-section, the cross-section pores are formed due to the cross-section of the reticulation, and ceramic particles are distributed in these pores. The content of ceramic particles is high and no abnormal brittleness occurs. Therefore, the electroplated composite ceramic layer made by this method can withstand large thermal load and mechanical load, even when the piston ring and oil film on the cylinder wall are in the boundary state, the "cylinder pulling" will not occur. At the same time, the wear resistance is greatly improved due to the insertion of high hardness ceramic particles. It can be widely used in the production of roller, shaft, piston ring, piston rod, oil cylinder, cylinder, gear, rocker arm, shock absorber rod and other fields in automobile, national defense, aviation, aerospace, automobile, ship, engineering machinery, steel and other industries

2. Technical features

Through forward and reverse power supply, a certain amount of ceramic powder can be added into the composite tank. When forward power supply is applied, high density reticulated chromium is electrodeposited on the surface first; The ceramic powder is embedded and solidified in the microcracks of the surface chromium layer, thus realizing the ceramicization of metal chromium;

Through repeated positive and negative periodic power supply, a multilayer high lubrication and high wear-resistant electroplated composite ceramic layer can be formed on the outer surface of the roll, shaft, piston ring and other workpieces; The hard ceramic particles embedded in the chromium based reticulated grains bear the friction from the cylinder liner, which greatly improves the wear resistance of the product; In addition, the multi layer chromium based composite electroplated ceramic layer of mesh through, plays an excellent role in oil storage, and prevents the phenomenon of strain in high temperature and high speed operation;

By adopting three electrode structure, the cathodic polarization of insoluble anode can be prevented, the service life of insoluble anode can be ensured, the stability of trivalent chromium in the bath can be maintained, the insoluble anode will not produce anode slime in the bath, the cleanliness of the bath can be ensured, and the impurities can be prevented from being embedded in the mesh;

Chromium basedcomposite ceramicplating technology includes roller and shaft ceramic plating process information, operation standard, relevant configuration, equipment requirements, etc.

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