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Drawing of durionise device for piston ring long cylinder

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—— Drawing of durionise device for piston ring long cylinder ——

Drawing of durionise device for piston ring long cylinder
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I. Brief introduction

a. The complete set of drawings of chrome plating device for piston ring long cylinder is suitable for chrome plating   of various types of piston rings such as air ring, oil ring and steel ring with small and medium cylinder diameter

b. Reasonable design idea, low-cost equipment selection, energy-saving design principle and simple operation method  

c. Adopt fully enclosed and external circulation design, basically no waste water is discharged, the waste gas treatment capacity is small, and the waste gas is reasonably recovered and purified

d. Ensure uniform temperature and concentration by controlling tank solution and external circulation. At the same time, it ensures uniform distance between cathode and anode, uniform distribution of power lines, uniform conduction and purification of solution, realizes uniform and fine chromium layer between ring tubes, between plates, in the circumference and height direction of the same ring, makes all quality elements of chromium layer reach the best state, and keeps stable   of trivalent chromium with low energy consumption

II. Data content:

durionise device for piston ring long cylinder The complete set of drawings includes electrode mechanism in the tank, conductive system in the tank, cathode rotation system, chromium plating tank body, chromium plating anode, heating and cooling circulation system, temperature and liquid level control circuit, fixture hanging drawing and final assembly drawing, etc.


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