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—— Chromium-based composite electroplating ceramic equipment drawings ——

Chromium-based composite electroplating ceramic equipment

With the development of modern industry, traditional chromium plating can no longer fully meet the requirements of friction resistance. For this reason, many industries have been looking for new technologies in surface treatment, among which chromium-based composite ceramic plating equipment is a new application of cermet surface treatment technology。Ceramic composite electroplating layer has super wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, super high thermal load and mechanical load. This kind of coating will not bond, pull cylinder or bite. It can meet the requirements of high-power engines, construction machinery and other industries, especially on high-power diesel engines

Chromium-based composite ceramic plating is a kind of composite coating in which ceramic particles are plated to a certain content and dispersed in chromium layer 

The traditional Cr-based composite ceramics electroplating is mixed deposition electroplating directly by adding ceramic powder and accelerator into chromium plating bath. In the process of chromium plating, ceramic powder occupies the position of chromium atoms in the lattice, which leads to lattice distortion or lattice dislocation of chromium layer. This kind of chromium layer has no practical value, because its stress is quite large and its adhesion is poor. In the subsequent processing and use process, serious chromium collapse or dechromium 

New chromium base Compound Electroplating ceramics makes full use of the anodic adsorption force of ceramic particles and the microcrack characteristics of hard chromium layer itself. Firstly, the workpiece electroplates a high-performance hard chromium layer in the traditional hard chromium plating solution with proper amount of catalyst, trivalent chromium stabilizer and other additives, then deepens and widens the reticulation of the chromium layer by electrochemical method, then embeds and stabilizes ceramic particles in the reticulation, and finally covers and buries the ceramic particles in the reticulation; After several cycles, the chromium-based ceramic layer reaches the thickness required by the process. Chromium-based composite ceramics are composed of multiple layers with layered structure, with low stress and good adhesion

Chromium-based composite electroplating ceramic equipment is is a ceramic equipment with special anode material, special electrode conductive mechanism, special power supply equipment and special process

Chromium base composite ceramic electroplating equipment except that rectifying equipment, plating bath equipment, stirring system, conductive system and power supply mode are obviously different from ordinary chromium plating equipment, other parts are similar to ordinary chromium plating equipment

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