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—— Polytetrafluoroethylene condenser drawings ——

Polytetrafluoroethylene condenser

Polytetrafluoroethylene condenser is a heat exchanger with small diameter polytetrafluoroethylene hose as heat transfer assembly, also known as flexible tube tetrafluoroethylene condenser. PTFE condensing equipment made of PTFE capillary tube is widely used in various corrosive occasions in medicine, pickling, chemical industry, electroplating, flue gas desulfurization and other industries.

Although the thermal conductivity of PTFE is low, the thermal resistance of the tube wall is reduced by using thin-walled PTFE tube as heat exchange tube. In addition, the diameter of fluoroplastic tube is small (3-10mm), and the fluid in the tube is mostly in turbulent state, which makes up for the disadvantage of poor thermal conductivity of PTFE material. PTFE tube has super corrosion resistance, super temperature resistance, good flexibility and viscosity resistance, so PTFE condensing equipment can be well used in many strong corrosive gases such as hydrochloric acid condensation, sulfuric acid condensation and hydrofluoric acid condensation.

PTFE condenser heat transfer area, molding size, the number of PTFE tubes can be designed according to different working conditions. The tubesheet and PTFE pipe are welded by advanced one-step forming method, so that the connection strength between tubesheet and pipe bundle reaches 1.5 Mpa, and there is no phenomenon that micro-leakage exists after welding by traditional PTFE condensing equipment and pipe leakage is needed;

Polytetrafluoroethylene condenser can be used for condensation of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid and other strong acids and bases and strong corrosive gases

PTFE condenser is a custom-made product, and the tube side includes many types such as row tube type, U-shaped tube type and spiral tube type. Technical personnel of our company should determine the size, inlet and outlet caliber, capillary number, capillary tube diameter and heat exchanger shape of tetrafluoro condenser according to customer's application occasions, material characteristics, material flow rate, heat exchange mode, refrigerant properties and technical parameters.

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