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Drawing of Chromium-based Composite Electroplating Ceramic Device

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—— Drawing of Chromium-based Composite Electroplating Ceramic Device ——

Drawing of Chromium-based Composite Electroplating Ceramic Device
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I. Brief description

Chromium-based composite electroplating ceramics device is a three-pole electroplating device based on chromium-based composite electroplating ceramics technology . Because the traditional hard chromium plating generally adopts diode electrodeposition of chromium to improve its wear resistance, But because of the high temperature, Many friction pairs have great wear when they move relative to each other, such as: The oil film between the shaft and the cylinder liner becomes thinner when moving at high temperature and high speed, When the oil film breaks, a direct contact point appears between the friction pairs, Which leads to adhesion wear, Therefore, with the development of products in the direction of high strengthening, high power and high speed, The requirements for wear resistance of products are getting higher and higher, Traditional processing equipment is difficult to produce and meet the requirements of high wear resistance, low wear and overload. Pottery plating device adopts three-pole electroplating, A large number of reticulated patterns are formed on the surface of chromium layer and a certain amount of ceramic powder is embedded, which can solve the shortcomings of insufficient wear resistance, lubricity and strength after traditional diode electrodeposition of chromium. It can be widely used in piston rings of high-power diesel engines and other special industries such as ships, heavy trucks, construction machinery, railway locomotives, prospecting and so on.

II. Drawing contents

Chromium-based composite electroplating ceramic device It is mainly used for excircle ceramic treatment of shafts, rolls, etc. It is composed of conductive device, electrode system, stirring system, circulation system and tank system. Besides drawings, it also provides model specifications and technical requirements of supporting power supply, insoluble electrode, acid-resistant pump, etc.

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