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This picture shows fluoroplastic heat exchanger technology, electroplated ceramics, hard oxidation, chromic acid regeneration, chromium plating technology, etc

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Plating equipment, tooling drawings and process

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—— Plating equipment, tooling drawings and process ——

Plating equipment, tooling drawings and process
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(1) Vertical rotary mechanism drawing
(2) Cathode moving mechanism drawing
(3) Horizontal rotary mechanism drawing
(4) Gear chromium plating tooling drawing
(5) Piston electroless tin plating equipment drawing
(6) Cylinder liner inner hole chromium plating tooling drawing
(7) Chromic acid aging solution treatment equipment drawing
(8) Chromium plating chromic anhydride adding device drawing
(9) Chromium plating anode rod (cylinder) drawing
⑽ Automatic temperature and liquid level control drawing Paper
⑾ Chromium plating wastewater treatment process flow chart
⑿ automatic driving drawing of electroplating
⒀ Copper plating process of cast iron material … … [Introduction]
⒁ Electroless tin plating technology of piston
⒂ Chromium plating equipment and tooling drawings of piston pin
⒃ Miscellaneous chromium plating technology

 There are many types of cast iron materials, but they all have one common characteristic, that is, high carbon content and large porosity. In the electroplating process, due to the large micro-surface area and the low hydrogen evolution overpotential of graphite, it is difficult for metals to deposit on its surface. In order to ensure the normal deposition of the coating and the adhesion of the coating, not only the pretreatment process needs to be careful, but also the process needs to be optimized according to the material characteristics; Cast iron copper plating process is cyanide copper plating process, which can deposit a thick copper layer with firm combination and uniform distribution on cast iron castings.

Electroless tin plating technology for piston is applied to improve the lubricating performance of aluminum alloy engine piston. The deposition speed is faster and thicker tin layer can be obtained;
1, without rectifier power supply, simple equipment;
2, fast tin loading speed, short time and simple process;
3. Detailed process formula, technical requirements, process regulations, solution preparation and maintenance, etc.;
4, the coating is gray and bright;
5, the coating is thin and does not affect the piston size;
6, using a special hanger

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