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Corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic heat exchange

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—— Teflon heat exchanger drawings ——

Teflon heat exchanger

Teflon heat exchanger is also called Teflon heat exchanger or Teflon heat exchanger. Teflon heat exchanger can be used for heating steam or hot water, cooling or condensing. Teflon heat exchanger can be used very well because of its super corrosion resistance and super temperature resistance, as well as its good viscosity resistance and flexure resistance. It is an ideal heat exchange equipment for heat exchange of various strong corrosive media.

Teflon has strong resistance to strong acid, strong alkali and strong corrosion, and has strong anti-aging and high and low temperature resistance. The heat exchanger made of Teflon can solve the corrosion problem of strong acid well. Since Teflon heat exchange equipment was introduced from England in 1980s and gradually digested, through decades of development, continuous innovation and accumulated experience, Teflon heat exchange equipment has made great progress in all aspects of performance, especially welding and materials. Through many years of use, Teflon heat exchanger has been gradually recognized by many users and widely used in many corrosion industries

Teflon heat exchanger is a heat exchanger with small diameter Teflon hose as heat transfer assembly, also known as flexible tube Teflon heat exchanger. Teflon heat exchange equipment made of Teflon capillary tube is widely used in various corrosive occasions in chemical industry, medicine, pickling, electroplating and other industries. Teflon heat exchanger can be used as cooler, heater, evaporator and condenser.

Although Teflon's thermal conductivity is not ideal, However, the heat exchanger tube made of thin-walled capillary tube has small thermal resistance, small diameter of capillary tube (3-10mm), turbulent fluid in the tube, and much larger surface area compared with metal heat exchanger under the same volume. These factors greatly make up for the shortcomings of Teflon heat exchanger due to poor thermal conductivity of materials.

Teflon heat exchangers include Teflon immersion heat exchanger and Teflon shell-and-tube heat exchanger. The immersion Teflon heat exchanger is immersed in a container for heat exchange, while the shell-and-tube Teflon heat exchanger exchanges heat through external circulation of the pump. Users should first determine what type of heat exchange mode to choose according to their actual situation.

Teflon heat exchangers are custom made. Technical personnel of our company should determine the size, inlet and outlet caliber, capillary number, capillary tube diameter and heat exchanger shape according to customer's heat exchange mode, cold and heat medium properties, application occasions, material characteristics and technical parameters.

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