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Corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic heat exchange

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—— Electroplating bath heat exchanger drawings ——

Electroplating bath heat exchanger

Electroplating bath heat exchanger A heat exchanger commonly used in electroplating production line, such as galvanized cooler, tin-plated cooler, copper-plated cooler, chromium-plated cooler and electroplated pickling heater. In the electroplating process, In order to ensure the quality of product coating, the temperature is controlled within a certain process range, so it is necessary to heat or cool the plating solution. Some plating species need to be cooled in production, such as zinc plating, copper plating and tin plating, and some need to be heated. However, most of the plating solutions are corrosive, so it is necessary to configure corresponding corrosion-resistant heat exchangers;

The electroplating bath heat exchanger produced by our company is made of corrosion-resistant plastics such as Teflon, which has strong corrosion resistance and high and low temperature resistance, and can be applied to the heat exchange of various electroplating bath solutions. According to different needs of production, immersion heat transfer or shell-and-tube heat transfer can be adopted. The former is to immerse the electroplating heat exchanger into the plating bath for heat exchange, while the latter is to pump the plating solution out of the plating bath and enter the electroplating heat exchanger for heat exchange;

Electroplating bath heat exchanger is a custom-made product. The heat exchange area, size and other parameters of the heat exchanger should be determined according to the user's plating bath size, discharge position, heat exchange capacity and the properties of cold and heat media

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