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Complete set of drawings for plastic heat exchangers

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—— Complete set of drawings for plastic heat exchangers ——

Complete set of drawings for plastic heat exchangers
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Plastic heat exchangers mainly include polypropylene heat exchanger, polyethylene heat exchanger and fluoroplastic heat exchanger, all of which have acid resistance characteristics. Polypropylene can be used below 100 degrees, but cannot be used in MINUS 5 degrees environment; Polyethylene can be used at MINUS 40 degrees, but the maximum temperature cannot exceed 60 degrees; However, polypropylene and polyethylene are not resistant to oxidizing acids: Such as concentration acid, nitric acid, etc., The fluoroplastic heat exchanger can not only resist various strong acids and alkalis, Moreover, it can resist any strong oxidizing acids, including aqua regia, fluoroantimonic acid, etc. In addition, fluoroplastics have good high and low temperature resistance. The theoretical maximum temperature can reach 250 degrees (FEP is 200 degrees) and the minimum temperature can reach MINUS 200 degrees. The aging resistance of fluoroplastics is better than polypropylene and polyethylene, but the former is much higher than the latter two. In chemical, pharmaceutical, surface treatment, pickling and other industries need to heat or cool corrosive liquid or gas, in order to meet the requirements of anti-corrosion, different plastic heat exchangers can be selected according to different working conditions and use occasions;

There are many types of plastic heat exchangers, generally including immersion coil type and shell-and-tube type. We have engaged in more than 20 years of plastic heat exchanger production experience, there are a variety of different plastic heat exchanger complete sets of drawings, can be used as the relevant heat exchanger manufacturers design reference, welcome to consult.

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