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Corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic heat exchange

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—— Hydrofluoric acid resistant heater drawings ——

Hydrofluoric acid resistant heater

Sometimes Resistant to hydrofluoric acid heater or fluorosilicic acid heater to heat or evaporate fluorinated acid, such as electropolishing, sand pickling, semiconductor silicon wafer cleaning and corrosion, metal purification and other industries. Although hydrofluoric acid is a weak acid, hydrofluoric acid still has strong corrosiveness in many occasions, and can corrode a large number of silicate-containing materials such as metals and glasses, so the materials of heat exchanger are very important in the heating process of hydrofluoric acid. Because fluoroplastics have super performance of resisting hydrofluoric acid corrosion at various concentrations and temperatures, hydrofluoric acid resistant heat exchanger is ideal.

Hydrofluoric acid-resistant heaters or fluorosilicic acid heaters include immersion or shell-and-tube heaters, which can be selected according to actual requirements. Hydrofluoric acid-resistant heaters can also be used as fluorosilicic acid heaters, fluoroborate acid heaters and other fluoroacid-containing heaters

Fluorinated acid heating equipment is a non-standard customized product. Users provide working conditions and technical parameters. Technicians calculate the heating area according to the data of installation position, product structure, heating time and cross heat, and then determine the product parameters such as the shape of hydrofluoric acid-resistant heater, the number of fluoroplastics, the length and the inlet and outlet pipe diameters for calculation


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