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Drawings of glass substrate anodizing equipment

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—— Drawings of glass substrate anodizing equipment ——

Drawings of glass substrate anodizing equipment

Al-Nd Glass Substrate Anodizing Equipment Applied to TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) Pattern Glass Plate Al-Nd Anodizing to obtain alumina as buffer layer to grow an Al2O3: Nd gate insulating layer on Al: Nd gate. The equipment drawings and auxiliary parts list include the following contents:
1. Oxidation tank: double tank system, with overflow and current equalizing device in the upper tank and discharge port in the lower tank; Circulating filtration of tank solution and air stirring;
2. Special DC power supply for oxidation: digital display of current and voltage, with constant current and constant voltage functions and time control;
3. Workpiece rack: does not damage the Al-Nd coating of glass plate, and can adjust the size to meet the glass plate of two specifications;
4. Cathode and anode conductive system: cathode plate, anode conductive chuck and conductive bus;
5. Control box: digital temperature display, reserved cooling system interface;
7. Air pump and filter;
8. Water washing tank: flowing water inlet, overflow outlet and discharge outlet;

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