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Corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic heat exchange

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—— Fluoroplastic coil heat exchanger drawings ——

Fluoroplastic coil heat exchanger

Fluoroplastic coil heat exchanger is formed by bending fluoroplastic tubes. The molding size, heat exchange area and the number of fluoroplastic tubes of the heat exchanger can be designed according to different working conditions. The tubesheet and fluoroplastic pipe adopt unique and advanced welding method, so that the connection strength between the tube bundle and tubesheet of fluoroplastic heat exchanger reaches 1.5 Mpa, which solves the problem of micro-leakage and pipe leakage in the traditional welding method of fluoroplastic heat exchanger;

Fluoroplastic coil heat exchanger can be used as hydrochloric acid heater, hydrochloric acid cooler, hydrochloric acid condenser, sulfuric acid heater, sulfuric acid cooler, hydrofluoric acid heater or hydrofluoric acid cooler and other strong acid-base, strong corrosive medium heating and cooling

Fluoroplastic coil heat exchanger can be used for heating steam or hot water, cooling or condensing.

Fluoroplastic coil heat exchanger is a customized product. Technical personnel of our company should determine the size, inlet and outlet caliber, capillary number, capillary tube diameter and heat exchanger shape according to customer's application occasions, material characteristics, heat exchange mode, cold and heat medium properties and technical parameters.

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