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Corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic heat exchange

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—— Acid-resistant heater-acid pool heating equipment drawings ——

Acid-resistant heater-acid pool heating equipment

    acid-resistant heater is a corrosion-resistant heater for heating or evaporating strong acids such as sulfuric acid-hydrochloric acid, highly corrosive acids such as hydrofluoric acid-fluorosilicic acid and other acidic liquids with strong oxidation. In addition, besides many inorganic acids, some organic acids such as sulfonic acid, acetic acid and other carboxyl organic acids also have strong corrosivity. In the production process of many industries such as chemical industry, medicine and pickling, they sometimes need to be heated, which requires high corrosion resistance of heating equipment;

    acid-resistant heating equipment are all made of fluoroplastic series materials such as tetrafluoro. Because a variety of fluoroplastics have excellent strong acid corrosion resistance and temperature resistance, this kind of strong acid heater can well solve a series of problems caused by acid corrosion during heating or evaporation;

    According to different heating methods, acid-resistant heating equipment includes immersion acid-resistant heater and shell-and-tube acid-resistant heater. The former is directly immersed in the tank for heating, while the latter pumps out the acid liquid into the heater for heating. Users need to select acid tank heater or reaction kettle heater according to the actual situation;

    Acid corrosion resistant heating equipment is non-standard equipment. Users provide technical parameters or working conditions such as acid type, working temperature, etc. Our company determines the heating area according to the data such as heating heat, product structure and installation position, and then determines the product parameters such as the shape of corrosion resistant heater, the number of fluoroplastics, the length and the inlet and outlet pipe diameters

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