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Local brush plating process

Brush plating does not need a plating bath.It uses insoluble anodes (graphite, stainless steel, platinum germanium, etc.), and chemical fibers with good water absorption are wrapped outside the anodes.Cotton cloth or polyester sleeve forms a plating pen.The plating pen is connected to the positive electrode of the electrode, and the workpiece is used as the cathode and connected to the negative electrode of the power supply.When electroplating, the coating is obtained by a plating pen immersed in electroplating solution at a certain relative movement speed on the surface of parts, and its core technology lies in brushing solution and power supply.
Characteristics of brush plating:
1 Plating bath:The quality of brush bath is the necessary condition to achieve excellent coating
1.1 SDK-× × series brush plating bath has high metal ion concentration, can adopt larger current density and fast deposition speed;
1.2 Plating bath temperature range is wide, from 10-80 degrees Celsius, as long as the relative movement speed is adjusted, the quality of the coating is guaranteed;
1.3 Because the plating pen adopts insoluble anode and metal ions are provided by plating solution, the brushing solution is relatively stable, and it is not necessary to test and analyze the plating solution or adjust it at ordinary times;
1.4 The cathodic polarization and surface properties of the plating solution are better because certain complexing agents and additives are selected in the plating solution;
1.5 will not cause thermal deformation, hydrogen embrittlement and other problems.
2 Equipment:The reliability of brush plating power supply is the basic condition to achieve excellent coating
2.1 The plating bath is cancelled, and parts are no longer limited by specifications and sizes;
2.2 The equipment is easy to carry and transfer, and is suitable for field and complex environment operation;
2.3 The equipment is easy to use and can be operated only after short training;
2.4 can accurately control the coating thickness;
2.5 Output voltage is stepless adjustment, according to brush plating process needs, can be positive and negative polarity conversion.
3 Management:Management is an essential link in the construction process, and it is an important condition to ensure the implementation of the process and achieve the operation purpose and quality requirements, including process management, equipment management, process discipline management, quality management, site management, personnel management, etc.
3.1 Preparation before brush plating:The surface state and cleanliness of the workpiece before brush plating have great influence on obtaining high-quality coating.
3.1.1 Degreasing.If the oil stain on the workpiece is not completely removed, it will affect the adhesion of the coating.Chemical degreasing, metal cleaning agent or organic solvent degreasing (acetone, 200 # gasoline, etc.) can be adopted.
3.1.2 Rust removal.Slight oxide scale can be polished by electric sand tray or sandpaper, and serious corrosion can be derusted by sandblasting and wire brush, instead of pickling alone, which will cause over-corrosion of workpieces.

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