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Development status of fluorination industry

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Fluorine chemical industry rose in the 1930s, which is a sub occupation of chemical industry.Fluorine chemical products are widely used in military industry, chemical industry, machinery and other fields for their excellent functions such as chemical resistance, high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, low conflict and insulation.In recent years, with the improvement of skills and the increase of demand, the use of fluorine commodities began to infiltrate from traditional occupations to new areas such as construction, electronics, power, environmental protection, information, biomedicine, and the demand for fluorine resin, fluorine rubber, fluorine coating, fluorine containing precision chemicals, inorganic fluoride and other commodities increased rapidly

Fluorine chemical commodities mainly include inorganic fluorine salts, hydrogen fluoride, chloro (bromo) fluorocarbons and their substitutes, fluorine-containing resins and their processed commodities, fluorine elastomers and fluorine rubber and their processed commodities, fluorine-containing precision chemicals, etc.Organic fluorine refers to the hydrocarbons containing fluorine in fluorine chemical products, mainly including fluorinated alkanes, fluorinated polymers and fluorinated precision chemicals.Fluorinated alkanes were the primary use at that time.Fluorine containing polymers mainly include fluorine resin, fluorine rubber and fluorine paint.The commodity is in the period of adding, and the scope of use is gradually expanding

Fluorine containing precision chemicals mainly include fluorine-containing intermediates, fluorine-containing medicines, fluorine-containing pesticides, fluorine-containing surfactants and various fluorine-containing treatment agents.The products are characterized by a large number of commodities, a wide range of uses, relatively small output and high added value.They are high-end uses in fluorine chemical industry

From the perspective of the industrial chain characteristics of fluorine chemical industry, starting from fluorite, with the increase of the depth of commodity processing, the added value of commodities increases in several multiples, and the value center of fluorine chemical industry is in the middle and lower reaches.For example, the price of fluorite is only a few hundred yuan, that of anhydrous hydrofluoric acid is several thousand yuan, that of F22 is about ten thousand yuan, that of polytetrafluoroethylene is tens of thousands of yuan, that of fluororubber is more than one hundred thousand yuan, and that of fluorine-containing precision chemical products can reach one million yuan.China's fluorine chemical industry is rapidly added, with an average annual addition rate of more than 15%

However, at present, in the field of fluorine chemical industry in China, the production of other fluoropolymers is still in the period of experiment and trial production, except for the production of CFC, HCFC and PTFE.The types of products that can be commercialized are limited, and the demand for fluoropolymers (except PTFE) and fluorine precision chemical products is increasing.In the whole career chain, domestic companies have certain competitiveness in low-end goods close to raw materials.In the category of commodities with high added value, deep processing and high demand for skills, they are basically occupied by foreign companies.In recent years, with the acceleration of the entry of foreign companies, it has brought the opportunity for domestic companies to improve their own skills through skills introduction.Those companies that can grasp the opportunity to improve their own skills and complete commodity upgrading have the opportunity to achieve greater development.The production companies of China's fluorine chemical industry gather in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Liaoning provinces, and the output of these regions accounts for more than 80% of the national output.The consumption of China's fluorine chemical industry is widely distributed, but the consumption of material type fluorine chemical products is mainly concentrated in the above four regions.

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