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Brief introduction of the use of titanium

1.Application of titanium in military industry

Titanium is widely used in military industry.Titanium is widely used in nuclear powered submarines, hydrofoil boats, mortar barrels, anti tank missiles, missile launchers, tank shields, bulletproof vests, etc.According to the information, a typhoon class nuclear submarine uses up to 9000 tons of titanium, which shows that the military industry has a huge demand for titanium.

2.Application of titanium in aerospace

Titanium is widely used in the aviation industry.The amount of titanium used in civil aircraft accounts for about 20-25% of the frame weight.In addition, titanium is also widely used in strategic rocket engines, spacecraft (such as Shenzhou-5 and Shenzhou-6) and artificial satellite antennas.

3.Application of titanium in marine industry

In seawater, titanium has the corrosion resistance that other metal materials can't match, especially the high-speed erosion corrosion of seawater.At present, the United States, Japan, France and other countries have developed a variety of advanced titanium deep submersibles, submarines, undersea laboratory devices for marine research.In addition, titanium equipment and devices are widely used in coastal power stations, offshore oil extraction equipment, seawater desalination, marine chemical production, and mariculture.

4.Application in chemical industry

At present, the application of titanium equipment has expanded from the initial" soda and caustic soda industry" to the whole chemical industry, and the type of equipment has developed from small and single to large and diversified.According to the prediction of the chemical industry, the annual consumption of titanium in the chemical industry will exceed 1500 tons.From 1970s to 1980s, the vacuum salt making enterprises in China gradually began to use titanium materials to manufacture equipment.As a result, the corrosion of the equipment was greatly improved.

5.Application of Camry in petroleum refining

In the process of petroleum refining, sulfides, chlorides and other corrosive agents in petroleum processing products and cooling water have serious corrosivity to the overhead condensing equipment of atmospheric and vacuum distillation tower, especially in the low temperature light oil area.The equipment corrosion problem has become one of the prominent problems perplexing the refining industry.In recent years, the United States, Japan and other countries have introduced titanium equipment to these high corrosion links, and achieved good results.

6.Application in automobile industry

The lightweight, high strength and other properties of titanium have long been concerned by automobile manufacturers.The application of titanium in racing cars has a history of many years.At present, almost all racing cars use titanium.The titanium used in Japanese cars has exceeded 600 tons.With the development of global automobile industry, the titanium used in automobiles is still increasing rapidly.

7.Application in medicine

With the improvement of medical technology, metal implantation in human body is a very common surgical operation.Due to the weak rejection reaction with human tissue, titanium is widely used in artificial bone, artificial joint, artificial teeth and other human implants.In addition, the application of titanium in pharmaceutical machinery and medical devices has also been further recognized, and the future demand can not be underestimated.

8.Application in sports and daily necessities

Titanium consumption is huge in the global golf tool manufacturing field, and the annual amount of titanium used in the manufacture of titanium golf tools is as high as more than 6000 tons.In addition, titanium is widely used in tennis rackets, badminton rackets, ski sticks, snow shovels, climbing ice sticks, climbing nails, sleds, fencing protective masks, fishing poles, bicycles, spectacle frames, watches, handicrafts and other daily necessities.

9.Application in building materials

The curved roof of the National Theater of China, which has attracted much attention, is all made of titanium sheet, which is a typical case of building titanium.The dome uses about 100 tons of titanium.According to relevant information, titanium materials are used in roofs, window frames, eaves, gables, rainproof wall barriers, fences, exterior decorative wallboards, interior decorative materials, as well as monuments, epitaphs, famous brands, box houses, makeup columns and air conditioners.

10.Applications in nuclear industry

In addition to the above applications, titanium is an indispensable material for the development of nuclear industry.In addition to zirconium and hafnium, a lot of titanium and titanium based alloy materials are also needed for many equipment, pipes and related components used in nuclear reactors.With the further development of nuclear industry, the value of titanium will be more reflected.

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