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This picture shows fluoroplastic heat exchanger technology, electroplated ceramics, hard oxidation, chromic acid regeneration, chromium plating technology, etc

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2020 Twelfth China Chengdu Chemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition

The 12th Chengdu Chemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition in 2020
The Twelfth China Chengdu Chemical Technology &Equipment Exhibition
--Green Intelligent Innovation--

November 13-15, 2020 Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center
[Industry Support]
China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation
Sinopec Refining &Chemical Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd.
China Global Engineering Company
Shaanxi Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation
Chongqing Chemical Energy Saving and Anticorrosion Technology Association Sichuan Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology
China Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.Company
Shenhua Coal-to-Oil Chemical Company Engineering Branch
Inner Mongolia Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association
Yunnan Chemical Industry Association
Sichuan Chemical Industry Association China Chengda Engineering Co., Ltd.Chengdu Huanda CNPC Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Market Overview
China is the largest petroleum and chemical market in the world, It accounts for nearly 40% of the global market, and has huge production and consumption space, with great potential and space for future growth.With China accelerating the implementation of major measures such as technological transformation and equipment renewal, 5G commercialization, and improving the consumption environment, the domestic consumer market and investment in major projects will be further launched, and the market demand for petrochemical products will keep growing.
Driven by consumption upgrading and supply-side structural reform, the chemical industry will focus on developing strategic emerging industries such as new chemical materials and high-end specialty chemicals.Under the dual pressures of clearing backward production capacity and environmental governance, we will adhere to the recycling of resources, accelerate the construction of a green sustainable development mode, and promote the green development of the chemical industry.
Brilliant and comprehensive improvement
The last exhibition attracted nearly 300 well-known enterprises and brands from the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Belgium, Singapore, China, Taiwan Province and other countries and regions.The latest products, materials, technical equipment and solutions in the chemical industry are fully displayed.Sichuan Oil and Gas Chemical Work Symposium and on-site technical lectures will also be held simultaneously.During the exhibition, a large number of decision makers, scientific and technological workers and purchasing managers from petroleum, biochemistry, pharmacy, food, feed, agricultural products, dyes, coatings, equipment manufacturing, traders, scientific research institutions, universities and other fields will be attracted; From well-known petrochemical engineering companies at home and abroad, large chemical enterprises and institutions, as well as chemical associations and chemical parks in Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing and Shaanxi provinces, they organized groups to visit, exchange and purchase.It is estimated that 350 enterprises will participate in the 12th exhibition, with 16,000 professional visitors, and the proportion of international enterprises participating in the exhibition has increased.

Technical exchange at the same time
1.Forum on the development of new chemical materials.
2.Symposium on Green Chemical Industry Development in Southwest China.
3.Conference on Comprehensive Pollution Control of Chemical Industry (Park) in Southwest China.
Buyers' invitation and promotion
1.Relevant technical exchange meetings were held at the same time, and all major chemical enterprises in Sichuan Province attended the meeting.Directors, principals and engineers of production departments of chemical design institutes and engineering companies in Sichuan Province, including Chengda Company, attended the meeting in batches for exchange.
2.Invitations were sent to nearly 200 petrochemical engineering companies and design institutes at home and abroad, and directors of purchasing departments, professional offices, chief engineers and professional team leaders were invited to attend the meeting for purchasing and communication.
3.Invite large chemical enterprises and institutions from all over the country, especially large refining and coal chemical companies under large state-owned enterprises such as Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, Sinochem, China Coal, Shenhua, Guodian, China Chemical, China Aerospace, China Power Investment and Yanchang; As well as responsible persons of various chemical enterprises, biomedical companies, investment companies, chemical parks, chemical traders, scientific research institutions and universities in the western region attended the meeting.
4.Reach strategic cooperation with China Chemical Enterprise Management Association, China Chlor-Alkali Industry Association, China Chemical Machinery Power Technology Association, Yunnan Chemical Industry Association, Guizhou Chemical Industry Association, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, etc.Invite relevant associations to hold working conferences in Chengdu, and organize participants and member units to visit the exhibition.
5.Form cooperation with consulates of the United States, Germany, France, Israel and South Korea in Chengdu and well-known foreign chambers of commerce, and organize more international engineering general contracting companies, electromechanical installation companies and fluid equipment traders to attend the meeting for exchange.
6.It is continuously publicized and promoted in nearly 200 industry media at home and abroad and mainstream media in the western region.
Scope of exhibition
1.Chemical equipment and technology:
Separate filter, Drying and evaporating, Mixing, heat transfer, Extrusion granulation, Chemical unit equipment such as refrigeration, mass transfer, reaction, concentration, heat transfer, distillation, extraction, air separation, liquefaction, enamel, crushing, dispersion, purification, crystallization and molding, chemical pumps, chemical anticorrosion equipment, chemical complete sets, chemical non-standard special equipment, boilers and pressure vessels, conveying equipment, chemical packaging and storage equipment, daily chemical equipment, chemical engineering supporting products and equipment, etc.
2.Petrochemical general equipment and technology:
Pumps, valves, pipelines, pipe fittings, sealing equipment, fans, compressors, industrial gas preparation, pressure vessels, industrial cleaning and anticorrosion equipment, explosion-proof electrical and safety equipment, fire alarm equipment, safety production and protection equipment, anti-static equipment, instruments and meters, industrial control, equipment maintenance and service, vacuum technology, fluid transmission equipment, petroleum and petrochemical equipment, etc.
3," three wastes" treatment, energy saving and environmental protection equipment and technology:
industrial wastewater treatment equipment and technology; Industrial waste gas treatment equipment and technology; Industrial smoke and dust control equipment and technology; Equipment and technology for hazardous waste disposal
Technique; Intelligent environmental protection and environmental monitoring technology and equipment; Equipment and technology for environmental protection and energy saving and comprehensive utilization of resources; Energy saving and emission reduction technologies and equipment, etc.
4.Coal chemical industry:pulverized coal, coal slurry processing equipment, coal gasification equipment, modern coal chemical production technology, other technologies and materials, coal chemical products, etc.
5.Others:general contracting and services of coal chemical industry, petrochemical industry and chemical engineering, investment and construction of chemical plants (parks), warehousing and logistics management and services, etc.
Exhibition services
1.Publicize exhibitors before the exhibition on the exhibition website, WeChat, newsletter, etc., and enjoy the exhibition value-added services in advance.
2.Provide exhibitors with exhibition invitation cards free of charge in order to invite customers to visit the exhibition.
3.Collect market demand information of chemical industry and new chemical materials, and feed back to exhibitors in time.
4.Publish company profiles or product introductions within 200 words for exhibitors free of charge in the conference journal.
5.Provide on-site consultation by experts, rental of exhibition tools, electricity and other on-site services, regular cleaning during extension and 24-hour security.
6.Special booth design, production, installation or help contact booth construction, hotel accommodation, travel and booking, etc.
Detailed rules for participation
1.Fill in the form according to the requirements of the exhibition contract form and fax it to the organizing committee of the conference, which will take effect after stamping and returning it.Units applying for exhibition shall pay 50 booth reservation fees or all exhibition fees within one week after registration to ensure that the confirmed booths shall be paid in full before October 9, 2020.Units applying for exhibition after October 9 shall pay all exhibition fees in one lump sum within one week.
2.The exhibition scale is above six standard booths (or open space of 54 square meters), and prominent positions can be arranged first.
3.After the exhibitor remits the exhibition fee, please fax the bank remittance slip to the organizing committee for verification, and send the bill to the exhibitor after receiving the full exhibition fee or collect it during the exhibition.
4.For conference matters such as registration, exhibition arrangement, transportation of exhibits, accommodation and booth construction, the organizer will send the Exhibition Service Guide and other conference materials to exhibitors before October 9, 2020.
Exhibitor fee
booth fee
booth specification Domestic exhibitor and foreign exhibitor
Standard booth (3M x 3M) RMB 8600 yuan/USD 1500/piece
Indoor open space booth (starting from 36 square meters) RMB 900 yuan/USD 150/square meter
a.Each standard booth is equipped free of charge:one negotiation table, two chairs, two spotlights, one socket within 500WA load and one lintel with unit name.
b.Open space booth:No configuration is provided, and exhibitors are responsible for various expenses for booth construction and layout.
Technical sessions (each limited to 15 minutes, subject-specific):RMB4, 800/field
Advertisement solicitation
The organizer will also solicit and publish a special issue of outstanding green chemical enterprises, It will be produced and distributed together with the Journal of the Exhibition, and will be distributed to professional users, delegates and exhibitors during the exhibition, and will also be sent to the industry through the professional network of members and organizers of relevant cooperative units.All relevant units are welcome to publish advertisements.
Journal Advertisement (210mm x 140mm)
Cover:20,000 yuan back cover:15,000 yuan color inside page:5,000 yuan/edition
cover 2, cover 3, title page:10,000 yuan/edition text introduction:1000 yuan/edition
Other advertisements
Invitation (exclusive):20,000 yuan/10,000 admission cards (exclusive tag back advertisement):20,000 yuan/10,000 copies
Wall advertisement:500 yuan/square meter square rainbow gate:12,000 yuan/seat
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