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2020 19th China International Chemical Industry Exhibition

Exhibition time:September 16, 2020 to September 18, 2020

Organizer:China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

Organizer:China Chemical Information Center

Co organizer:Huaxia Chemical Network

Exhibition address:Shanghai New International Expo Center

Contents of the meeting:

ICIF China 2020

The 19th China (Shanghai) International Chemical exhibition 2020

Time:September 16-18, 2020 location:Shanghai New International Expo Center

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Relevant units:

ICIF China was held for the first time in 1992, and has successfully held 18 sessions in the past 28 years.It has become a well-known brand exhibition in the petroleum and chemical industry at home and abroad.

ICIF China is organized by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, chemical industry branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade and China chemical industry information center.The exhibition focuses on the products and advanced technologies of today's petroleum and chemical industries, covering the whole petroleum, petrochemical, chemical and related industries; It has become an industry brand exhibition widely recognized by the petroleum and chemical industry at home and abroad, actively participated by enterprises and with high influence.With the theme of" smart chemical industry innovation leads the future" , the exhibition studies and discusses the green, safety, environmental protection, energy efficiency and scientific development direction of petroleum and chemical industry, displays the latest products and concepts of the whole chemical industry chain, and helps the development of the industry and builds a win-win platform for collaborative development.

ICIF China 2020 (19th) China International Chemical Industry Exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from September 16 to 18, 2020.The scale of this exhibition will exceed 30000 square meters, and there will be more than 600 exhibitors.At the same time, the exhibition will hold a series of activities such as trade negotiation, technical exchange, economic cooperation, information release, special conferences and so on, At the same time, the" Fifth International Conference on smart chemical industry" was held, where well-known experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from home and abroad gathered to work together for the development of the industry.Serve the progress of enterprises, lead and promote the transformation, structural adjustment, product upgrading and green development of China's petroleum and chemical enterprises.ICIF China 2020 international chemical exhibition will continue to be held in the same place with the 20th China International Rubber Technology Exhibition, the 23rd China International adhesive and sealant exhibition and the 16th China International Petroleum and chemical water treatment technology and equipment exhibition; The overall scale will exceed 110000 square meters, and 100000 professional visitors, buyers and traders will come to visit and negotiate.The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1、 Organization of the Congress

Organizer:China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation

Organizer:CCPIT Chemical Industry Branch

China Chemical Industry Information Center

2、 Exhibition name, time and place

ICIF China 2020 (19th)

Time:September 16-18, 2020   Venue:Shanghai New International Expo Center

3、 Exhibition scale

The exhibition area is 30000 square meters

4、 Exhibition contents (in order to enhance the exhibition effect and facilitate the participation and visit of enterprises, a professional exhibition area is set up in this chemical industry exhibition)

1.Exhibition area of basic inorganic and organic chemical raw materials:methanol derivatives, ethylene, propylene, benzene derivatives and other organic synthetic chemicals; Barium salt, magnesium salt, potassium salt, boron compound, borate, bromine compound, chromium salt, cyanide, fluorine compound, phosphorus compound, phosphate, silicon compound, silicate and other inorganic acid-base salts; Activated carbon, calcium carbide, carbon black, titanium dioxide, etc;

2.Petrochemical and energy chemical comprehensive exhibition area:crude oil, solvent oil, paraffin and petroleum product additives, etc; artifice

Integration, aromatics, PX, PTA, pet, chemical fiber, etc; Olefin, ethylene, propylene, TDI, MDI, etc; Coal chemical industry, natural gas, shale gas, hydrogen energy, etc;

3.fine and special chemicals exhibition area:pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, natural plant extracts, fine organic chemical raw materials and intermediates, fluorescent whitening agents, catalysts, surfactants, electronic chemicals, water treatment chemicals, ion exchange resins, flavors and fragrances, outsourcing/custom synthesis/processing chemicals, auxiliaries, feed and food additives, biological chemicals, etc.Oilfield chemicals, leather chemicals, daily chemicals and cleaning agents, additives (plastic additives, special additives);

4.Exhibition area of new chemical materials:Organic fluorosilicone materials, engineering plastics, modified plastics, high performance fiber, epoxy resin

Polyurethane and other polymer materials and raw materials, fluorine materials, silicon materials and raw materials, nano materials, automotive, electronic, aerospace chemical materials and raw materials; Civil and special adhesives and raw materials;

5.Chemical safety and environmental protection exhibition area:chemical safety production technology, safety monitoring and emergency prevention and control technology and equipment, chemical environmental protection

Environmental protection technology and equipment, three waste treatment technology and equipment, soil remediation technology, occupational health products, etc;

6.Chemical technology and equipment exhibition area:industrial gas preparation equipment, pumps, valves, pipe fittings, fluid transmission equipment, enamel equipment

Preparation, drying and separation equipment, tank cars, containers, control, analysis and testing instruments, laboratory instruments, environmental protection technology equipment, safety production technology equipment, non-metallic equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, powder machinery, sealing equipment and accessories; Complete chemical plant and equipment, etc;

7.Intelligent chemical industry and intelligent manufacturing exhibition area:Green Chemical Industry Park, intelligent chemical industry park, intelligent management platform, intelligent factory, scientific research institutes, information service institutions, etc; Intelligent chemical new technology, calligraphy and painting industry big data and Internet of things innovation platform, artificial intelligence new technology products, intelligent manufacturing new equipment, the latest measurement and monitoring products, automatic control technology and equipment, etc;

8.Exhibition area for chemical packaging, storage and transportation:

Packaging:IBC ton barrel, plastic barrel, PE valve pocket, paper plastic composite bag, plastic woven bag, liquid bag, inflatable container, stainless steel container, plastic pallet, wooden pallet, turnover box, bottle cap, label, cleaning system and packaging equipment, etc;

Storage and transportation:chemical logistics company, storage equipment, tank design and engineering, professional warehouse, tank farm, port, storage yard, etc;

Dangerous goods logistics technology and equipment.

5、 Exhibition fee

1) Standard booth (3m) × 3M) configuration:display board, lintel, table and chair, spotlight, power socket, garbage can, carpet, etc.

  Upgrade standard exhibition:RMB 16800

Ordinary standard exhibition:RMB 13800

2) Bare land cost:

(minimum starting area 36 square meters) 1280 RMB/square meter

6、 Meeting and communication

The 5th International Intelligent chemical industry conference will focus on the development trend of petrochemical and chemical industry, promote the industry to realize intelligence, and help the development of petrochemical industry

At the same time, it serves the industry and ensures the sustainable development of smart chemical industry and green chemical industry; To build a safety, environmental protection and green chemical industry and realize the organic integration of industrialization and informatization.

During the exhibition, more than 10 technical exchanges, trade negotiations, information release and other activities will be held.Famous experts at home and abroad will be invited to give lectures.While upgrading the exhibition specifications, more professional users will be attracted to attend lectures, visit and exchange.All exhibitors are welcome to hold new product and new technology promotion meetings at the same time.

7、 Exhibition publicity

A large number of reports will be published in the four major newspapers of China chemical industry daily, information morning post, China Petroleum Daily and China Petrochemical daily; More than ten websites, such as China chemical industry information network, China chemical industry network, China world wide chemical industry network, China International Chemical exhibition network, report at any time《 It was reported in dozens of professional journals, including China chemical industry information, modern chemical industry, fine chemical industry, fine and special chemicals, inorganic salt industry, petrochemical industry, China Chemical Industry Report, international chemical industry, etc; It is planned to hold a press conference to invite the central and local newspapers and media to widely publicize and report.More than 100 domestic and foreign chemical industry and related upstream and downstream websites and forums carried out network publicity to further enhance the influence of the exhibition.

8、 Audience organization

1.Brand advantages attract audiences at home and abroad:the exhibition has a history of more than 30 years of development, large scale and high grade, which has been widely recognized by the petroleum and chemical industry at home and abroad, and has a strong brand appeal and accumulated audience groups at home and abroad for many years.

2.Industry advantages attract professional audience:China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation organizes exhibitions, represents domestic authoritative institutions, and leads the development direction of the industry; Backbone member enterprises actively participate, strong cohesion, on behalf of the industry exhibition specifications and the latest development level.

3.Regional advantages to facilitate professional visitors:with the rapid economic development of coastal areas and the Yangtze River Delta, the strong business atmosphere of Shanghai as an international metropolis has attracted many downstream buyers and users as well as overseas purchasing centers and trading companies to visit the exhibition nearby.

4.Direct mail/e-mail free tickets:150000 tickets will be sent to relevant management decision-makers, scientists and technicians, distributors, senior buyers, petroleum, biology/chemistry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, feed/dye/coating industry, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, laboratories and research laboratories, manufacturing and processing industry.The well-designed e-invitation card uses the huge database owned by the main organizer, and the specially assigned person is responsible for sending nearly 200000 e-mail and short message invitation to China and abroad on a regular basis.

5.Group/orientation invitation:present special invitation letters to relevant government agencies, embassies of various countries, trade associations, chambers of Commerce and technical societies, and invite them to organize professional user groups to visit and negotiate, so as to improve audience quality.Many exhibitors have invited their own customers to visit the exhibition and discuss orders.Through the on-site explanation and demonstration of the exhibitors, the customers have a deep understanding and trust in the strength of the exhibitors and the performance of the products, laying a solid foundation for the cooperation between the two sides.

9、 Registration method

1.Please read the exhibition materials carefully, confirm the participation, fill in the application form (return receipt), affix the official seal, fax it to China Chemical Information Center, and remit the exhibition fee to the designated account

2.The exhibition area shall be divided according to the specialty, and the corresponding professional exhibition area shall be arranged according to the category of the participating enterprises.According to the principle of the order of application, the booth shall be selected first.

3.After remitting all expenses, please fax the bank remittance form to our center for verification.

4.Please fill in the exhibition materials online and send them to our center for publication in the Conference Journal and online preview before the exhibition.

Exhibition contact

The 19th China (Shanghai) International Chemical exhibition 2020 (online reservation)

Contact person:Cheng Lei 15083469713



  24 hours online qq141457617

Note:if you need to participate in the exhibition, please call or (online QQ) to get the application form and booth map! The booth is arranged according to the order of application time!

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