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Chromium plating technology

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Chromium plating technology for reasonable design of chromium plating polar distance

In chromium plating production, many people don't care much about the distance between electrodes of chromium plating. In fact, the distance between cathode and anode in chromium plating is very important for chromium plating, which not only affects the quality of chromium plating, but also affects the current efficiency of chromium plating, and even affects the energy consumption of the whole chromium plating;

The reasonable distance between yin and yang is not specially specified in chromium plating technology, so electroplating workers need to determine it according to various factors in production and finally choose an optimal polar distance;

1. Electrode distance of chromium plating will have the following effects on chromium plating:

1. Energy consumption of chromium plating. The larger the pole distance, the greater the solution resistance between the poles, and the cell voltage will increase, resulting in an increase in the power consumption of the rectifier; However, if the polar distance is too small, the cell voltage will increase because of the increase of bubble content between the polar distances. In addition, the increase of resistance between poles will lead to the increase of temperature rise of bath solution;

2, homogeneity of chromium plating layer. The smaller the polar distance, the smaller the edge effect is theoretically, but the relative uniformity of current distribution in other parts except the edge may become worse;

3. Current efficiency of chromium plating. Because of the large agitation of hydrogen bubbles and oxygen bubbles precipitated from cathode and anode between electrodes, the concentration polarization of cathode surface is small, the pH value is low, and the chromate concentration is low, which leads to the decrease of cathode current efficiency, especially the influence of high concentration chromium plating

4, and the surface defects of chromium layer increase. Because of the small polar distance, the concentration of bubbles between polar distances is high, which may cause pinholes and other defects on the surface of chromium layer;

5, stability of plating solution. If the polar distance is too small, the agitation caused by bubbles increases, which is not conducive to the reduction of oxidation efficiency of chromate on the anode surface and the stability of trivalent chromium in chromium plating bath;

6, when the anodes are arranged in a circle, the anode area may be small if the polar distance is small, and the utilization rate of the back of the anode is low, and the anode current density is high if the anode area is small, which is also not conducive to the stability of trivalent chromium;

2. Chromium plating polar distance needs to be selected according to the following factors:

1. Complexity of plated workpiece. If the workpiece is simple, the polar distance can be relatively small, and if the workpiece is complex, the polar distance should be considered in combination with the auxiliary ca

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