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Regeneration of waste liquid from hydrochloric acid pickling of iron and steel

     A large amount of pickling waste liquid will be produced after the steel is washed with salt and acid.The traditional treatment method is alkali neutralization.On the one hand, it consumes a lot of alkaline chemicals (such as caustic soda, lime, etc.) and has high cost.On the other hand, it will generate a large number of iron sludge which is difficult to dispose, causing secondary pollution to the environment, and the free hydrochloric acid and iron are wasted.Through the comprehensive utilization technology of hydrochloric acid pickling waste liquid of iron and steel, a series of products such as solid ferrous chloride crystal, liquid ferric chloride, polymerized ferric chloride, water treatment water purifying agent and flocculant can be produced
     Solid ferrous chloride is convenient for long-distance transportation and can be used in the production of dyes and pigments.Ferrous chloride solid is the best substitute of ferrous sulfate and has begun to replace it in the preparation of pigments and dyes, such as the production of sodium xanthate, potassium xanthate, Hualan, etc.Ferric salt flocculant is the most economical and efficient flocculant for wastewater treatment.Its unique decolorization ability is suitable for the treatment of dyes, dye intermediates and high turbidity wastewater in printing and dyeing industry.The use of ferric salt flocculant can simplify the water treatment process, shorten the water treatment cycle, reduce the cost of water treatment, and improve the quality of primary water treatment.In addition, it has obvious treatment effect on all kinds of electroplating wastewater, and the removal rate of heavy metal ions in wastewater is very high   

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