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Chromium plating technology

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Electroplating technology of chromium-based composite ceramics

    electroplating technology of chromium-based composite ceramics is a new technology. All along, People add ceramic powder to chromium plating solution, It is hoped that these ceramic powders can naturally form co-deposition with chromium like nickel-plated ceramics, but they have not been successful. Even if a small amount of powders enter the chromium layer, because they occupy the hexagonal close-packed lattice position of chromium atoms, the brittleness of the chromium layer increases, the adhesion of the coating is poor, and chromium collapse occurs during use;

    Cr-based composite electroplating ceramics is a special means, that is, electrodeposition by periodic commutation, and three-electrode circulating power supply mode is adopted-when forward power supply is carried out, high-density reticulated chromium is electrodeposited on the cathode surface first; When reverse power supply occurs, the reticulation on the surface of the chromium layer is dissolved and widened and deepened, and the ceramic powder is naturally embedded and solidified in the microcracks of the chromium layer, which prevents the ceramic powder from forcibly occupying the position of chromium atoms, so that the plated chromium-based ceramic layer will not have the problem of chromium collapse due to high brittleness;

    Multilayer chromium-based composite ceramic layers with high lubrication and high wear resistance can be formed on the outer surface of the workpiece by repeated periodic forward and reverse power supply; During the use of the product, the ceramic powder in the chromium layer can bear the friction from another object, which greatly improves the wear resistance of the coating; In addition, the formed multilayer chromium-based composite ceramic coating penetrates the reticulate pattern, and lubricating oil penetrates into the reticulate pattern, which plays an excellent lubricating role and further improves the wear resistance of the product;

    Chromium-based ceramic electroplating process need to adopt a three-electrode structure to prevent insoluble anode cathode polarization, ensure the service life of insoluble anode, maintain the stability of trivalent chromium in the plating bath, insoluble anode in the plating bath will not produce anode slime, ensure the cleanliness of the plating bath, and prevent impurities from embedding in the reticulate; At the same time, it is necessary to strictly control the process and ensure the effective number of reticulation, so that a certain content of ceramic powder can be formed in the chromium layer and the ceramic powder can be prevented from directly entering the chromium layer lattice.

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