Surface treatment technology-Fluoroplastic heat exchanger technology-chromium plating technology-electroplating ceramics-chromic acid regeneration-hard oxidation
 『Chromium platingHeat exchanger

This picture shows fluoroplastic heat exchanger technology, electroplated ceramics, hard oxidation, chromic acid regeneration, chromium plating technology, etc

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Thyristor rectifier

SCR circuit structure

SCR characteristics

1.Excellent environmental adaptability and corrosion resistance
In the design and manufacture, the equipment may work in harsh environment, especially pay attention to the design of ventilation duct, the sealing and isolation of control system, the end sealing of transformer and the treatment of high voltage line joints, so as to improve the process quality and anti-corrosion ability of rectifier.The equipment is sturdy and durable.
2.Perfect protection function
It has perfect protection circuit in steady current working time limit voltage, steady voltage working time limit current, lack of phase, short circuit and overheating.
3.Significant energy saving
SCR series rectifiers use innovative high-efficiency converter structure composed of large-capacity and low-loss Schottky rectifier diode and bridge rectifier transformer, thus making the efficiency of large-capacity SCR reach a new level.
4.Small, lightweight and space-saving
Optimized rectifier structure, excellent cooling system design and reasonable process design make the rectifier simple and lively in structure, small in size, light in weight and small in volume.In addition, it can be installed in layers, which can save precious space for users.
5.Effective control function
* Remote control by wire operation
* Stabilized voltage/steady current operation mode can be set as required
* The steady voltage value and steady current value can be set separately
* Current density compensation value can be set for steady current voltage
* Low current alarm can be set
* Settable low voltage alarm
6.Multiple choices of remote control operation box
The rectifier is designed according to the uniform interface standard, and is matched with a variety of operation boxes to meet the different operation needs of customers.
7.Cooling options
Air-cooled power supply is flexible and convenient, and water-cooled power supply has super anticorrosion ability.

ambient temperature less than 40 ℃ relative humidity input power 380v ± 10% 3ph 50Hz Output DC voltage 6V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 18V, 24V... Cooling mode Forced air cooling or oil immersion water cooling Insulated mode

class B

protection level air-cooled structure ≥ IP20, water-cooled structure ≥ IP54 <<" Font-size:12px"> Circuit structure Primary SCR phase modulation angle control, secondary Schottky diode three-phase full-bridge rectifier Control interface Remote operation box, PLC control interface, 485 communication interface

technical specification

Project Features

device performance

Output DC current
500A, 1000A, 2000A, 3000A, 4000A, 5000A, 6000A, 8000A, 10000A...
Output range Voltage/current adjustable within 10% ~ 100% rating
Output stable mode voltage/current stabilization
Stable precision ± 3%
Output protection Current, short circuit protection and overheat protection
Input phase-out protection Lack of phase protection on three-phase input
Operating mode Full load and uninterrupted operation


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